SPSP member registration

If you register above with surname e.g. Dijck, van, you will be displayed in the membership list as van Dijck, but alphabetized under the D (i.e., the Dutch ordering). Registering instead as Van Dijck will put you under V (i.e., Belgian ordering).

The (case-insensitive) username below is only used as login to the SPSP website, so must be unique, and rather simple to type. E.g., Kurt Gödel would sensibly choose kgodel or KurtG as username. Please do not use any spaces, as then your mailing list subscription will fail.
You will only use this username later to edit your details (affiliation, email address, ... ); it will never get displayed to other users.

Below, the password needs to be contain a capital, a symbol and a number, and be at least 8 characters long.

Membership settings

The SPSP as a society consists of the subscribers to the SPSP mailing list; no other type of member or subscription exists. Registering on this page will automatically subscribe you to the mailing list.

Do you want to be listed with your chosen topics/keywords and affiliation in the SPSP members directory?

You can receive the SPSP Members mailing list in two forms: A ‘daily digest’ means that you will receive at most one email per 24hour; therefore the system will delay and bundle your messages if necessary. Otherwise, and by far the most common way, you receive messages as fast as they're sent out.
Affiliation and interests

Below are the items that will be listed in the SPSP members directory, if you chose to be publicly visible: Topics, affiliation(s), and possibly homepage.

Please enter your current affiliation, or most recent in the case of e.g. emeriti. If you have a secondary affiliation, click the (+) to add; use (-) to remove them again.