• Newsletter № 17 (June — PDF 2MB)

    Crossing borders

    • Philosophy in a Lab, an interview with Lucie Laplane
    • Training Philosophers in the Lab, an interview with Fridolin Gross 
    • Digital Humanities, a joint interview with Charles Pence and Henrik Kragh Sørensen
    • Maria Kronfeldner takes the Proust Questionnaire
    • Welcome to the SPSP meeting at Ghent University, by Erik Weber and Maarten Van Dyck
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  • Newsletter № 16 (December — PDF 2MB)

    A la recherche des conférences perdues

    • Philosophy in the Museum: Rose Trappes talks to Joana Forsinhmo
    • Philosophy in the Lab: Martin Zach and Tomas Marvan talk to Ann-Sophie Barwich
    • Global SPSP: Ariel Roffé talks to Filippo Contesi about the Barcelona Principles of a Globally Inclusive Philosophy
    • Erik Weber takes the Proust Questionnaire
    • SPSP2022: Call for papers
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  • Newsletter № 15 (July — PDF 3.4MB)

    Stop the press and save the dates: SPSP2022 is on!

    • Epistemic Decolonization, an interview with Azita Chellappoo and Zinhle Mncube
    • Maya Goldenberg on vaccine hesitancy
    • Proust Interview with Jacob Stegenga
    • Ghent revisited: SPSP2022
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  • Newsletter № 14 (December — PDF 3.7MB)

    Unlucky 14: When SPSP2021 became SPSP2020 again

    • Pandemic-PSP: Resources and interview with Jonathan Fuller
    • Taking philosophy into the field with Evelyn Brister and Robert Frodeman
    • News from the community
    • Graduate student interview: Martin Zach
    • Proust Interview with Angela Potochnik
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  • Newsletter № 13 (May — PDF 2.4MB)

    Unlucky 13: When SPSP2020 became SPSP2021

    • The “practice turn” with Adrian Currie
    • The Talk of Town:
      • Philosophical Perspectives on Ecological Niches
      • Animal Research Unbound
      • LEAHPS
      • Health Publics in Personalized Medicine
    • Graduate student interview: Stefano Canali
    • Proust Interview with Catherine Kendig


  • Newsletter № 12 (July — PDF 5MB)

    Where art, science & philosophy meet?

    • Interview with Gemma Anderson
    • New thematic section: The “practice turn” (with Nora Boyd)
    • The greatest challenges in Philosophy of Science (with Nicholas Zautra)
    • Graduate student interview: Stefano Canali
    • Proust Interview with Chiara Ambrosio